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What is Divi for WordPress and is it good for blogging?

Wow, many questions there 🙂

Let’s start with the first one:

What is Divi for WordPress?

In simple words, Divi is a theme. In more words, Divi is a theme that you can install on your WordPress self-hosted website and use it to build it as you want it.

In some more words, Divi is a tool that helps you build WordPress websites and blogs. It is a premium plugin, meaning that you need to purchase it, but it can help you make wonders with your website.

I have used Divi in some of my projects, even though I use mostly Elementor, but I enjoyed working with Divi. It separates the layouts into grids, columns, and rows and you can access each column or row and make adjustments in the text, the colors, the padding, the margin, and so on.

divi editing

You don’t need to know any coding. Each element has its own settings which you can adjust as you like.

So, yes, Divi is a tool. I prefer calling it a tool since it’s something that helps you build a beautiful and functional website.

It has many preset layouts, many different modules, you can add ready-made sections, like headers, with text in it, or blogging modules, video modules, lists, icons, buttons, etc, everything that is needed to put a site together.

Now you are asking how much does it cost? Here it comes (*I’m not affiliated with it)

It has a membership plan and a lifetime plan.

The membership costs 89$ a year and it comes with 3 plugins and many free themes. In that sense you won’t need to do anything, just pick one and start putting content in it.

The lifetime version costs 249$ and it’s yours forever. You pay it once and you don’t have to pay it again. In that sense, if you feel like this is a tool that speaks to your needs, investing in the lifetime version makes a lot of sense. And the good thing is that you can use it on more than one website.

Now let’s go to the second part of the question.

Is Divi good for blogging?

Yes, it is. It’s funny that it comes from me who I’m not using Divi on my blogging website, but I have seen it while I was building a website for a client, and I was amazed by what you can achieve with it. You can definitely use it Divi for blogging. It has many beautiful layouts and on this link here you can find 60+ blog layouts as the title suggests

divi blog example

taken from: https://diviextended.com/60-blog-layouts-for-divi-theme-free-and-paid/

So in all honestly, it is something that I would definitely recommend, especially if you are looking into monetizing your blog,

And if it’s Divi landing pages that you are looking for, then I recommend following this link: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/high-conversion-landing-pages-built-using-divi

I’m not affiliated with anything of the above. I’m sharing them with you because I found them useful and I know that many bloggers have questions regarding Divi, so I hope this little guide + resources, will be valuable to you.

Good luck 🙂




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