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How to start blogging with Wordress in 2021 for your business in 6 steps

Let me just explain briefly, what WordPress.org is:

WordPress is a system that helps you build a website, a blog, or an e-shop.

It’s called Content Management System. It is open-source, which means it is free to download and install.

Recommended steps to start your WordPress blog:

  1. Find a hosting provider (Siteground*, Bluehost, or anything you like)
  2. Find a hosting provider that supports WordPress installation. The big names often mention it clearly in their packages.
  3. Find a domain name that you can purchase directly on the hosting provider of your choice.
  4. Purchase a package, create an account, and log in.
  5. Install WordPress and find a theme to make it pretty.
  6. Start building your blog and your future.
(*I'm affiliated which means, if you choose this hosting provider, at no additional cost to you I will get a small commission which will go into supporting this website)

I wanted to make this initial guide as simple and as short as possible because I understand you want answers and you want them now, so there is no point in writing a long text just for the sake of keeping you reading without providing you any value.

I see many aspiring bloggers that are often confused between blogging platforms. They often ask, should I go with Wix, or Blogger, or WordPress?

The thing is that you could potentially blog with all of them, but these 3 examples are completely different platforms with different services.

Wix and Blogger are not chosen as blogging platforms by professionals and the reason is, the lack of flexibility, especially if your goal is to monetize your blog in the future. I haven’t used Wix personally so I don’t know how it works firsthand, but it’s often mentioned that Wix is not good for SEO (very important for bloggers) and not the best if you want to monetize. I have used Blogger many many years ago, and honestly, I find it very outdated and it feels like a blogging platform that a teenager in the early 2000 would use.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend anything other than WordPress.org.

Notice how I write .org as I don’t want you to confuse it with WordPress.com.

WordPress.com is a free blogging platform (it has a premium version as well) that, for the sake of giving you a simple explanation, could be compared to Blogger.

One can go to WordPress.com, create an account, and start blogging in a few minutes.

The free version has some limitations and it will show a WordPress.com banner on top. You can get rid of it, but you need to select a paid plan. So why not invest this money in your own WordPress installation that has no limitations?

The self-hosted WordPress (.org version) is extremely flexible and there are thousands of plugins and tools, most of them available for free. I know, I probably sound like a scripted advertisement, but it really is like this. I’m using it for my own websites and it’s my tool of choice for building websites for my customers.

It has a great community and I’m certain you can get support for any issues or questions you may have. The internet is full of resources and WordPress how-tos, so anything you need, you can figure it out with just a little googling.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help you so please let me know in the comments.


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