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Using WordPress and WooComerce for your e-shop

Using WordPress for your online business.

Now we are getting somewhat technical. I will explain as simple as I can the process of setting up a website using WordPress since it’s something I have done many times in the past.

There are hosting providers where you can get all 3 (name, host, WordPress) at once without having to go to three different locations to get them.

To make things simple, I do recommend purchasing a hosting package from a provider* that can also provide you with domain names (or vice versa get a domain name from a provider that also has hosting packages) and if possible double check if they offer 1-click WordPress installation.

This means that you don’t need to download and upload anything, but you can install WordPress once you have access to your control panel with just 1 click.

In order for you to build a web-shop then you also need WooCommerce.

This is a platform specifically designed for WordPress and can be installed once you are done with your main WordPress installation.

Setting up WooCommerce can be tricky and requires a lot of work. You might need to hire someone so go ahead and estimate extra costs for that. If you are going to do it yourself, be prepared for a lot of work. Which is fine. Just know that it takes effort and many manhours to put an e-shop together.

The reason why I keep saying this is because I remember my mistakes and the first time I ever got involved with WooCommerce I got so overwhelmed I almost gave up. I was completely blocked. It took me a while to figure things out because I didn’t have a plan in advance.

Once you have a clear structure of your site everything is way easier. But I didn’t and that was my mistake. I was not prepared and I just started installing stuff without having a clear plan of the what’s and the how’s.

But I believe in you 🙂 You can do better than me.

If you don’t have a clear vision use these questions. Make a small drawing if it helps you.

  1. What are you selling?
  2. Is it one product or many?
  3. Is it a physical product or a service?
  4. If it’s one product or one service how will you present it to your visitors?
  5. If you have many products or services, do you have categories? Probably yes.
  6. How will you categorize your products?
  7. How will the customers navigate through your products?

Visualize your basic categories which will become your navigation links. When you have a clear image of that then everything falls into place.

But also keep in mind. It’s ok to make mistakes and it’s ok to not know things. Working them out is part of the process and a great learning experience.

Good luck!


*This is an affiliate link for Siteground, which if you choose to purchase a hosting package from them, for no additional cost to you, I will get a small commission which will go into the maintenance of this website.

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