How to make great instagram stories that engage people

Do you want to start making great stories on Instagram that will get the attention of your viewers? Me too! I have a few ideas that you can start using instantly so keep reading 🙂

What makes a story great? Great storytelling (lol, duh!?)

And what makes a story engaging? Whatever helps to make the viewers tap to see the next image and whatever makes them interact with you. And remember, it’s called “stories” for a reason, so let’s just make one, shall we?

Let’s start.

Instastory idea 1

Use fun elements on your picture, add hashtags, a gif, time or the weather. Those are fun things that in my opinion enhance your picture and help you tell a story.

For instance:

It’s morning, the time is xx:xx, it’s cold or warm outside, and so on. Right there, you have built a nice background story just with those elements. The golden rule is to ask a question to increase engagement. Add a line of text, asking something and see if you get any replies. If you are just starting the response rate might be low at the beginning but if you are consistent it will increase.

Instastory 2

Next, you can tell one story in different images.  Think like this: one slide/image/picture is one part of your story.

I will use a cooking example that I think can be applied in many different themes.

Start by showing one ingredient, and then another one on the next image, and then another. Show an onion as a whole and then show the onion chopped. Then show the final dish! Tada!

You just made a nice and delicious story, which in reality is a recipe.

You can apply the above example in many different occasions, especially if you are creating something. You can share the process by taking a picture of every step. Then you have a beginning, a middle and an end. A perfect storytelling. 

Instastory 3

Something that is similar to the previous tip is this:  Do you have an announcement to make? Break it down to 2 or 3 images so every image is one or two words so the viewers will have to tap to read the entire message. There you have a nice engaging story that will make viewers curious of what’s next. 

Instastory 4

Make a poll. Make your viewrs take control of your story by making a poll. What’s your favourite coffee? Espresso, cappuccino or late?

what is your favourite time of the day?

7am, or 7pm?

pizza with or without pineapple?

Are you a morning or an evening person?

you can start with simple questions like the above or you can be more specific.

Here is my poll story: 


Instastory 5

Do an AMA= Ask me anything.

Use the Ask me a question function of instagram stories and let your followers engage by asking you questions.

Answer to the questions you have received and that way you achieve two things:

  1. You are adding to your story by sharing the answer
  2. You engage with your followers that asked you a question and by that you help building your community.

Bonus tip 1: use the above tips and make a certain day if the week a themed day. For example, every tuesday is AMA Tuesday or make poll Thursday.

Bonus tip 2: Engage with your follower’s stories. This helps building a community. Interaction goes both ways so do to your followers what you would like them to do to you.


These are things that definitely help me engage with my friends and followers. Granted my following is not that big but it’s fun 🙂


I hope you enjoyed my tips and that you will be inspired by them.

Let me know if you have any questions and please share this blog post with your friends.