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What’s inside my bag – my 12 tech must-have items I can’t live without

People around me call me the geek, the nerd, the hacker. I’m no hacker by no means but in their eyes I’m the tech savvy friend that they call whenever they have a tech-related question and I love it. And so I try and answer to their questions as good as possible, as long as I know the answer 🙂

And being a geek means that I have certain tech items, gadgets that I pretty much carry with me at all times even if I don’t use them on a daily basis. However I like the feeling of knowing that they are in my bag. So let’s open it and see what’s inside.

Here it is, my 12 must have tech items list:

1.My smartphone. I’m surprised to this day that occasionally, but it’s like really rare, I meet people that don’t own a smartphones. You would think it’s an urban legend, but these people exist 🙂 and they are lovely people. However I personally wouldn’t feel well if I don’t have my phone with me. It has happened that I have arrived to work only to realize that I have forgotten it home.


Of course I drive back to get it. I can’t be without it. Mostly because I need the telephone function, obviously. It’s not that I need to check my social media constantly. But what if kindergarten calls me? Or if I miss another important call? No, I can’t live like that. My smartphone, which currently is an iPhone 7, must be with me at all times.

2.My tablet. I have a Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1. I have it most of the times with me, especially if I’m traveling. It’s nice to have it when I’m on the plane cause I use google books and kindle, so I have something to read when I’m up in the air. It’s not something I have with me everyday but rather often.

3.Power bank. Need I say more? These things are very useful since they come with all different cables for phones like Mini-usb, usb-C and lightning for iPhones. However I have yet to manage make mine charge my iPhone. I get an error that it’s not a device it can recognize. However charging my tablet works excellent. Maybe I should invest in a better power bank/cable combo.

Power bank

4.Phone case. Yup. I can’t stand the thought of destroying my phone so I always buy myself a case. I tend to avoid the “wallet style” cause they tend to leave the corners uncovered. Well that’s what happened with my previous phone, my Nexus 6p that’s why I got a Spigen rugged armor case after a while.

Now that I have an iPhone 7 I purchased a pink (what!?) silicone case and I just love it.

5.Same applies for my tablet. I have 3 different protection items for this. One wallet like case which also works as a stand, a silicon case and a sleeve which I use when I have the silicone case only on it.

Tablet cases

6.iPhone lightning to 3.5mm jack adaptor. I’m a new iPhone user so I have my nice Sennheiser ear plugs which do not work as they are with my iPhone since this 3.5mm jack doesn’t exist any more. Therefore I need this kind of adaptor.

Ps. However what I find annoying with the iPhone is that you can’t charge and listen to music at the same time.

Sennheiser earplugs

Lightning adaptor

7.Charger. Yup, always, for obvious reasons 🙂

8.My smart watch. I currently own a Moto 360 which is great and I love it. I was more happy before when I had an Android phone because the communication between the devices was better. Not that it’s not now, however it was a bit of a less seamless procedure as I had to do a complete reset on the watch to set it up with the iPhone. It went well after all and it all works good now but I have noticed that the battery dies faster. It might have to do with the face of the watch that I’m using right now so I’ going to try a different one to see what happens.

Moto 360

Well as with most technology items, after 2 years it’s not uncommon for the battery to lose it’s capacity. If I use itonly as a watch which means that I put it on flight mode then the battery can last for 1-2 or even 3 days.

9.My selfie-stick. Haha I don’t take selfies all the time but I don’t know when I might need to shoot a video. I don’t do it that much when I’m outside the house however it has happened to me that I wished I had it -when I didn’t- so now it’s always with me. Otherwise the shooting opportunity is gone. Ok it’s not gone but maybe not as I would have imagined it. Bottom line, you never know when you will need your selfiestick so just take it with you.

Selfie stick

10.My mobile phone holder for the tripod. And with that I mean this.

Tripod mobile holder


I have this mini tripod which is for my webcam but I use it a lot with my iPhone for shooting my Youtube videos so I got this mobile holder that helps me mount the phone on it. It’s cheap and it’s great.

11.My tripod. I have a big tripod as well which I use when I want to change shooting angle. I don’t use it that much to be honest and if I were to use it it means I’m working on something specific and so I don’t need to have it with me at all times. It can stay home.

12.My messenger or back pack bag. I mean I need to put all those things somewhere right? I don’t have a dedicated gadget bag but I have these cool bags, my messenger bag and my back pack.


The back pack is better cause it can fit more items but the messenger bag is great as well. And it has a skull and skulls are kind of my thing:)

So there they are my must have items that I can’t live without. Hope you enjoyed my list and I’m looking forward to seeing yours 🙂




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